Our values


Kindness is essential to encourage initiative-taking and communication in an environment that promotes listening and the participation of everyone.


Whether it is to lighten a busy schedule or to help a colleague stuck on a project, any mutual aid action is welcome within the team.

Responsible company

We strive to make the social responsibility of idFuse a full-fledged project on the economicsocial and ecological aspect.

Well-being at work

By working in a good atmosphere, creativity and productivity are encouraged. At idFuse, we are serious without taking ourselves seriously!


The pillars of this management method

The raison d'être at the heart of the business

In holacracy, the company is driven by its raison d’être and all employees work daily to fulfill its mission while respecting its values.

Agility as a driver of growth

Test and learn” is an integral part of holacratic management. It is used as much in project management as in dealing with the tensions of each employee.

The empowerment of each employee

The holarchical structure organizes the company into circles in which everyone has one or more roles for which they have full responsibility for their actions.