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We are proud to help over 500 users, with an 82% renewal rate. We seek to establish relationships of trust with all our partners. This implies respecting our commitments in order to create a climate of trust and tolerance; establish lasting commercial and human relations; satisfy our partners so that they speak positively about us and offer the right price for the services provided; be attentive to the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of our customers in order to constantly improve our services.

Their opinions matter to us..

  Secure data, an intuitive and ergonomic platform, a responsive customer support. That’s why we work with idFuse. 

Lamine Timsi – CA NEXT BANQUE
Digital communication

  A tailor-made service that allowed us to send personalized newsletters. The templates have been adapted to the languages of our target countries, an essential feature for our many subsidiaries.

Martine Gillet – GERFLOR
Internet Project Coordinator

  We have been working with idFuse for years now. Since January 2019, we have expanded our activity and are moving forward in close collaboration on the implementation of smart scenarios and dashboards, to better target and monitor the return on investment of our marketing campaigns.
They offer intuitive solutions. My team has saved a lot of time in the newsletter design and the preparation of our emailing campaigns. For my part, I have saved a lot of time in terms of reporting & analytics since I have access to real-time data analysis. 

Émeline Jordan – EUROMASTER, Digital & CRM Manager – France

  idFuse is not only a powerful tool but also a local Grenoble-based company with responsive, available and friendly employees. 

Julien Cartier – GROUPE PAYANT
Digital communication

  An everyday tool that simplifies our mailings, and makes them pleasant thanks to its ergonomics and its tree structure. Each change is taken into account and carried out. The platform is becoming more and more efficient, in order to meet the expectations of its customers and the desired performance of its sendings.
The responsiveness of the team allows us to improve the content and innovate on each campaign.

Manon Dubois – LE COMPTOIR DE MATHILDE, E-Commerce & Digital Communication Project Manager