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Targeted marketing: to hit the nail on the head, follow the guide

No more massive emailing sent to everyone and ultimately not speaking to … anyone!

It’s no secret that to optimize your marketing efforts in order to increase sales and improve B2C customer relationships, you need to send the right message at the right time to the right person. To this end, it is now essential to equip yourself with an all-in-one tool to manage customers / prospects in order to get to know them better and reach them better.

Do you know the data marketing platforms? They open up many questions:
Is Mass Marketing Dead?
What is a data marketing platform and what is its interest in B2C?

SME: choosing the right B2B commercial CRM

Choosing a B2B CRM is a highly strategic decision for SMEs wishing to boost their business performance.

The latter must meet the current needs of the company, but also be able to evolve over time, as it grows and meets its future challenges.

What is a B2B commercial CRM used for?
How to choose the “right” one?
What features make the difference?
Is tailor-made within your reach?

In this white paper, we decrypt the criteria for choosing a B2B commercial CRM and invite you to discover all the potential it makes accessible.

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“First steps” videos

Explanatory videos to easily get started with the platform and optimize your campaigns!


Introduction to the data marketing platform

The platform in less than 2 minutes!


Create a list and import contacts

All the basics to take your first steps on the platform


Create a standard mailing campaign

All the basics to take your first steps on the platform


Monitor the performance and statistics of your campaign

All the basics to take your first steps on the platform

The platform in action

Videos to discover the world of idFuse!

And to go further, exclusive content reserved for our customers:

A Deliverability Guide (available in French and English) providing all the secrets and best practices to increase your engagement rate. SEND THE RIGHT MESSAGE, AT THE RIGHT TIME, TO THE RIGHT PERSON!

Exclusive webinars (available in French and English) to learn all about idFuse’s features:
– Management of your contact database
– Creation of campaigns and monitoring of the sending process
– Filtering contacts in lists
– Design and use of forms
– Optimization of deliverability