A CRM Marketing platform for real estate professionals

Real estate investments are seen as safe values. However, habits in the sector have evolved in recent years and tend to become digital, with increased demands on the part of customers. Faced with these changes, you must adapt and be very responsive to build a quality relationship marketing strategy.

With more than 15 years of experience, idFuse offers marketing tools (CRM, emailing, SMS) to identify your prospects, increase your sales and create highly personalized campaigns. With our solutions improve your inbound marketing.

Generate interest and involve your prospects and customers

Design original newsletters with a wide choice of templates.

Personalize your communications to create a bond of trust with your targets. Keep them informed about the progress of the work, open days, new properties for sale in their area …

Build up a base of qualified prospects by integrating contact forms directly on your site. Thus, your interested prospects will be able to receive: brochures, maps, information, etc. (in accordance with GDPR regulations)

Imagine automated emailing campaigns that send targeted information. Become a must!

Alert by SMS on the progress of real estate programs or confirm an appointment. It is quickly read and assimilated by the recipient.

Manage and analyze your marketing actions

Segment your contacts and create segments according to your objectives

Test your campaigns in real time with a sample to optimize the attractiveness of your messages

Analyze the behavior of your contacts via the personalized indicators on your dashboard

Coordinate your commercial actions within your team by exchanging files, contracts and internal notes

Share with your employees your dashboards with sales objectives, margin or the analysis of your opportunities

The idFuse CRM Marketing platform is customizable according to your needs and technical constraints. You can opt for sending SMS or Emailing while keeping your existing internal management system.

idFuse, an all-in-one software for managing your digital marketing


Integrated drive
Sales reporting
Multilingual platform
Opportunity tracking
Quotations and invoice management
Mailing and SMS option

Email Marketing

Unlimited email sending
 Multi user access
 Marketing automation
 Advanced segmentation
 A / B testing
 Drag & drop builder

SMS Marketing

SMS replies
Rich SMS
SMS alert
SMS Event
Welcome SMS, loyalty…

At idFuse, we are here to help you grow your business

A marketing platform that
cares for your data and the environment

A reliable…

idFuse complies with the GDPR regulations and is committed to respecting your personal data as well as the ones of your customers. To ensure the best security and confidentiality of these data, we have developed an email address encryption system, directly integrated into our idFuse email solution. We are also members of Signal Spam and SNCD.

…And ecological tool

idFuse is committed to a green email! Since July 2020, we have chosen to donate 1% of our annual turnover to the 1% for the planet collective, working for environmental causes.